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Grow Light Review: Is this the Best Grow Light Kit?

In this installment of Look Inside, we are going to do a deep dive into unboxing and then review the Hortivision Digital HPS 600W Horticultural Lighting Kit.

Box Contents:

  • Digital Ballast 600W/240V
  • Grow Lamp 2K 600w/240v HPS
  • Super Reflector


The grow light kit is presented very professionally in a nice looking matte white box. The quality of the packaging is apparent as soon as you pick it up. Once we open up the outer box, we can see the kit is made up of three components: the ballast, the lamp and the shade. Let’s take a closer look at each part!


Ballast: Hortivision 600W Professional Grade Electronic Horticultural Ballast

Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit - E Ballast Inside

Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit - E Ballast 2

Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit - E Ballast 3

Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit - E Ballast 4

We will start with the heart of the kit, the Hortivision 600W Professional Grade Electronic Horticultural Ballast. This entry-level offering from Hortivision will only run 240V lamps but is adjustable so you can use the same 600W globe at 4 different settings: 250W, 400W, 600W and BOOST. The last setting allows you to ‘boost’ the lamp 110% for a total of 660W! 

Protip: Running your globe at BOOST will reduce the lifespan. Unfortunately, nothing comes free but I feel like it’s definitely worth doing. Just remember to replace your globe every 9-12 months for the best results!

Standard benefits of digital ballasts apply so it is backwards compatible with Metal Halide (MH) globes. Soft start means it will only draw a fraction of total power (amps) when it first fires up and increases until it hits (but never exceeds) the maximum rated power draw of 3.0A.


Globe: Hortivision All Star 600W/240V HPS Lamp

Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit - Lamp 2

Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit - Lamp

The second component of the kit is Hortivision 600W HPS ALL STAR Lamp. This 240V high pressure sodium globe pumps out a massive PPFD of 1100 umol\s. That’s definitely on the high end of brightness for a 600W/240V HPS lamp!

Marketed as dual spectrum, this all-in-one globe runs at 2000K meaning you should be able to run it during both grow and veg cycles. We have been selling these lamps for a few years now and have been getting very positive feedback for both vegative and flower cycles with very few returns.

Protip: Don’t be fooled by the marketing on the box that claims a lifespan of 18,000 hours (750 days continuous or just over 2 years). Peak performance diminishes well before this timeframe, change your globes at least once per year!


Shade: Hortivision E40 Basic Reflector

Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit - Reflector 2

Finally we come to the reflector and again, it is very good quality for an entry-level product. It definitely doesn’t have the same feature set as the best shades on the market but that would be an unfair comparison. In terms of its intended purpose of holding the lamp and reflecting light? It handles that completely fine.

This Hortivision HPS kit works best in a 1.0m2-1.2m2 area. Shorten or widen the lighting footprint by manually bending or straightening the wings. Simple as that. 

Protip: If it’s comfortable for you, then it’s comfortable for the plant! Hold your hand directly under the lamp at canopy height to test where to hang the shade (this should be approx 60cm above the canopy).


Conclusion: What’s the story boss?

While it is not the most technologically advanced lighting, it is the best 240V HPS kit available as of writing this article. The combination of quality components and excellent value for money, as well as a 12 month limited warranty is very hard to beat. The Hortivision 600W HPS Kit is our best selling light kit and for good reason!

This concludes our Look Inside.


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