De-Gnat Insect Shield 1L Fungus Gnat Sciarid Fly
De-Gnat Insect Shield 1L
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De-Gnat Insect Shield 1L



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Protect Your Plants The Natural Way

De-Gnat Insect Shield 1L by DEOzzy is the all-natural pest defense made of Diatomaceous Earth. This natural Silica and Calcium compound is derived from earth minerals. It creates a barrier over the top of your soil which is abrasive and controls unwanted visitors within your substrate. However, it is completely safe for humans and pets!

Organically sourced and naturally refined, this product provides numerous benefits to your plants and substrate.

  • Natural source of silica.
  • Helps to increase porosity (air within the soil).
  • Reduce compaction within your substrate.
  • Facilitates nutrient uptake.
  • Promotes healthy microbial activity.
  • Thermal control.

Dual Action Protection

Insects such as sciarid fly hatch in your soil. They must pass through the barrier of De-Gnat. First, it will dry out the insect exoskeletons. Secondly, the abrasive properties will shred insects to pieces.

De-Gnat Insect Shield 1L Directions

  1. Add layer of De-Gnat Insect Shield approximately 1cm – 3cm deep across the top of medium.
  2. Cover medium with an even layer.
  3. Re-apply throughout the plants cycle to ensure constant protection.
  4. Replenish layer if irrigation disrupts the DE layer.

Additionally, you can use it as a soil conditioner. Mix throughout the substrate to provide a natural and more beneficial alternative to perlite.

Also avaliable in 10kg bags