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IKEA Cabinet Greenhouse DIY Project

Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet

Photo: @robinschoutenart

IKEA Cabinets: Fabrikör and Milsbo

As a plant lover, it goes without saying that you want to provide the best conditions for your plants so that they can thrive and beautify your home. These are some of the reasons why plant enthusiasts choose greenhouse plant cabinets.

Environment Control is the number one reason to use a greenhouse is to create a controlled environment through humidity levels and temperature. If you install a grow light in your greenhouse, you’ll have complete control of the growing conditions in your greenhouse. 

Vertical space! Greenhouse cabinets present a clever and cute way to use vertical space. The taller the cabinet, the better. Because IKEA shelves and cabinets usually come in several sizes, they’re super easy to custom-fit to your available space. keep plants away from pets Protect your pup and your toxic plants by keeping them behind closed (glass) doors. 

Pet Proof! Plants can benefit from the safety of a closed space! 

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