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Power Flush Permanent Capsules – Do They Work?

Power Flush Permanent Cleansing Capsules to Pass Drug Test

Power Flush Capsules contains all-natural purifying herbs that the body needs to eliminate toxins, such as dandelion, burdock, trifolium pratense, and yellow dock. The herbs used are certified Kosher & Parve for their high quality and cleanliness. It is a 7 Days Cleansing Process, taken twice a day till the drug test day.

Power Flush Permanent Cleansing Capsules

Box Content: 

  • 14 x 600mg Herbal Capsules (Pack of 7)
  • 2 x 590mg Vitamin B Complex Capsules 
  • 2 x 387mg Creatine Monohydrate Capsules

Instructions for Use

Power Flush Permanent Cleansing Capsules to Pass Drug Test

There have been various positive reviews on the internet about this product. For those with high THC toxins levels, we would recommend taking Power Flush Permanent Capsules 7 days before the test and B-Clear Detox Drink an hour before the test. 

In order for Power Flush to work its best, you must follow the instructions accurately and it is crucial to cease smoking immediately and refrain from taking any other substances till after the drug test. Power Flush Permanent Capsules

Drinking plenty of water is another key factor that influences the success rate of this product. Do not worry about having diluted urine, because the creatine monohydrate capsules will bring the urine creatinine levels back to normal range and vitamin b-complex capsules have the tendency to turn urine into yellow color. 

** Note: Chemists do not sell them. 

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