Athena Grow AB 1Gal Nutrient for Hydroponics
Athena Blended Grow 3.78L – A&B
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Athena Blended Grow 3.78L – A&B



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Commercial Nutrient At Home!

Athena Blended Grow 3.78L is a simple and clean formula designed for the vegetative stage of growth and for non-flowering plants. Our careful balanced mineral ratios help facilitate optimal plant development including photosynthesis, healthy respiration, and robust stalk and root growth.

This 2-part blended liquid formula should be used in equal amounts during the veg phase to stimulate the rapid onset of bud production, increase flowering sites, and promote high-quality yields.

Formulas are sediment free and are compatible with all dosing and irrigation systems including fine dripper heads. Small amounts of micro-particles are occasionally visible in some conditions but will not affect mineral balance or system compatibility.

Athena Blended Grow 3.78L Directions For Use

Add 1.3-2.1 mL of Athena Grow A and Grow B per litre of water during the vegetative phase.

See Feed Schedules for specific application recommendations.



Commercial Hydroponic Nutrient At Home!

Athena exists to support the modern grower, no matter the scale. Athena's core principle is to formulate products that improve quality, reduce costs and drive consistency. Athena was born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California, always in pursuit of the perfect run. As the weight of being cultivator increases, Athena exist to make the complex simple. Downloads: