Air Pot for Hydroponic Indoor Cannabis Growing
Air Pot
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Air Pot


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Air Pot containers guarantee the production of healthy fibrous roots with ZERO chance of getting root bound!

How does an Air Pot work?

  1. As roots grow horizontally, the shape of the pot wall guides them towards an air hole.
  2. The increased air at the hole dehydrates and prunes the root tips (air pruning).
  3. The pruning stimulates the branching of new roots up to the stem.
  4. Each new root will naturally grow towards the air hole.
  5. Steps 1-4 will be repeated until a healthy root mass is visible out of every air hole!

Advantages of using an Air Pot

  • Mass production of healthy roots
  • Zero chance of getting root bound
  • Greatly reduced transplant shock
  • Ideal conditions for healthy bacteria
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Excellent drainage
  • Superior aeration
  • Stimulates root branching
  • Fits any size plant, even species that won’t grow in normal pots!
  • Eco friendly

Air-Pot containers come flat, are assembled round a base and held together with one or more fixings. This means that removing or potting up plants is extremely easy, and at the end of the season the containers can be stored flat.



Developed over 25 years, Air-Pot containers are the only plant pot that actively enhances growth. Toughly constructed from recycled plastic the containers are reusable and last many years.


How do I water my plants in Air-Pot?
Hand watering is effective. At the top of the containers there are two or more rows of cones with no holes in them. This is so that the water does not leak out when watering. It is also essential that the container is filled to the top with well-compacted compost that goes right to the tip of the cones. The exceptional root structure of your plants in Air-Pot containers means that they will absorb more water as they grow faster.

Will the compost fall out of the Air-Pot holes?
Unlike normal plant pots, compost should be compacted in Air-Pot containers – this compaction will stop the compost from falling out. There is no danger of the compost becoming anaerobic due to the holes in the pot wall and very good drainage.

Do I use soil in Air-Pots?
The fasteners are screwed in and keep the whole thing held tightly together. Then you fill it with your growing medium, compacting it firmly. Unlike traditional pots, where you don’t want firmly packed soil, in this case, doing so prevents the medium from washing out of the holes in the pot each time you water it.

How many fixings does each Air-Pot need?
1 fixing – Seed trays, 1 and 3 litre containers.
2 fixings – 9 and 20 litre containers.
3 fixings – 20, 38 litre and potato towers.

Does it matter how I put the Air-Pot container together?
Yes! It is very important that the container is put together correctly. If it is upside down, inside out or the base is in the wrong place it will not work properly and you will not get the full benefits.

What can I grow in Air-Pots?
Almost any plant will grow better in Air-Pot containers. The only exceptions are some bamboos and plants with aerial roots.

What size Air-Pot do I need for my tree?
You can start off in either a seed tray or a 1 litre pot and when the seedling is well-established move it on to a 3 litre. It should be happy here for the rest of it’s first year. We would then recommend moving it to a 20 litre or 38 litre container where it can stay for another one or two seasons before planting. For larger trees that will live permanently in a container, you can build your own size of container from Air-Pot wall up to 80cm high.

What size do I need for my vegetables?
Plants can be started off in either seed trays or 1 litre pots. They can then be potted on to their final size without any intermediate potting up. For example, a Tomato plant will happily go from a seed tray to a 20 litre and stay there for the whole season. For greenhouse crops we recommend either 9 or 20 litre containers – depending on the type of plant and the space available. Smaller chili plants do well in a 3 litre container.

What materials are Air-Pot made of?
It is made from recycled HDPE plastic, a commonly used material for milk and shampoo bottles. The containers are reusables and last for many years.

Are Air-Pots worth it?
Of course! Normal growing containers do the trick, but Air-Pots offer so many benefits that it just makes sense to use them. These genius designs boost root system oxygenation, support optimal drainage, and even help prevent root diseases and decay.

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