Budlink by HY-GEN
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Budlink by HY-GEN


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The Best Silica Additive

Budlink by Hygen is the original and ultimate liquid silica product enjoyed by growers across the world since 1997. Our unique recipe has been formulated from the ground up and includes other beneficial elements. This product is effective at all stages of growth and flowering. It compensates for differing plant nutrient requirements, which occur in the presence of silica in the same way a body builder’s nutritional requirements change as their body changes. This is not a hormone but a plant builder which improves strength and ability to fight against bacteria and insects. It should always be used as part of every regular feeding program.

Budlinks’ active ingredients are imbedded into the plant’s cell walls producing plants with thicker and greener foliage. When used as a foliar spray it is easily absorbed by the leaves and also forms a barrier against airborne bacteria and chewing insects and improves harsh light level resilience. It will build strength, add weight and improve the plant’s natural disease resistance. Without it you are missing the most important link for achieving outstanding results.

Budlink Hints & Tips

For improved performance and results use this product as ‘Part C’ when making up your nutrient solution. Use it at the same rate as Part A and Part B (do not exceed 5ml per litre). For example: 3mL Part A + 3ml Part B + 3mL of Budlink per litre of water. No other silica product is easier to use!

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Every batch of finished products is quality tested to ensure that specific standards are met; therefore, every product has a guarantee of consistent quality. HY-GEN® products contain local and globally sourced high-grade quality ingredients. The ingredients include natural organic components that are carefully selected for their plant health promotion and nutrient transport characteristics. Analytical grade reagents are used in all instrument maintenance and care products. All ingredients are regularly screened to ensure that they meet the most stringent criteria. WHY CHOOSE HY-GEN®? When you choose a HY-GEN® product, you're choosing more than just a product. You're choosing peace of mind. We put in the effort to ensure that every product reflects our unwavering integrity, extensive knowledge, and decades of experience. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence and support you need, so you can concentrate on cultivating your beloved plants and become an experienced and skilled gardener.