Clone Tray Solid
Clone Tray Solid

Clone Tray Solid


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Clone Tray Solid – Seedling Made Easy!

Clone Tray Solid also known as seedling tray, offers several benefits for successful plant growth and development. These trays are commonly used in gardening, horticulture, and commercial plant production. In recent years, it has gained popularity for growing microgreens.


  • Uniformity: Propagation trays are designed to provide a consistent and uniform environment for young plants or seedlings.
  • Efficient Use of Space: The trays can be stacked or arranged neatly, maximizing the use of available space.
  • Moisture Retention: Many propagation trays have compartments or cells that hold a specific amount of growing medium.
  • Minimized Transplant Shock: When it’s time to transplant the seedlings into larger pots or the garden, the plants can be easily removed from the tray cells without disturbing the roots significantly.
  • Hygiene and Disease Management: Using propagation trays can help prevent the spread of diseases or pests between plants.
  • Precision Planting: The uniform spacing and consistent depth of planting provided by propagation trays contribute to precise and even plant growth.

Create the perfect cloning environment by combining Clone Tray Solid with:

Dimensions: 535mm x  280mm x 60mm



What are cannabis cloning trays, and why are they important for the cloning process?
Cannabis cloning trays are specialized trays designed for propagating cannabis plants through cloning. They play a crucial role in maintaining a controlled environment, promoting root development, and increasing the success rate of cloning cannabis plants.

What types of cloning trays are commonly used for cannabis propagation?
Commonly used cloning trays for cannabis include shallow, flat trays with individual cells or slots for holding clones. These trays are typically made of plastic, foam, or other horticultural materials.

Do cannabis cloning trays come with humidity domes, and should I use them?
Many cannabis cloning trays come with humidity domes or clear lids that create a greenhouse-like environment. Using humidity domes can help maintain high humidity levels around the clones, which is beneficial for root development and overall cloning success.

How long should I keep cannabis clones in cloning trays before transplanting them into larger containers or the garden?
The ideal time to transplant cannabis clones from cloning trays depends on factors like root development and plant size. In general, clones are ready for transplanting when they have developed healthy root systems, typically within 7 to 14 days.

Can I reuse cannabis cloning trays, or should I use new ones for each cloning cycle?
You can reuse cannabis cloning trays, provided they are properly cleaned and sterilized between each cloning cycle. Cleaning with a mild bleach solution and thorough rinsing helps prevent contamination.


What are the best trays for growing microgreens?
The choice of microgreen trays depends on personal preferences and specific needs. Common options include plastic trays, foam trays, and biodegradable trays. Each type has its advantages, such as durability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness.

Should I use trays with drainage holes for microgreens?
Yes, it’s recommended to use trays with drainage holes for microgreens. Proper drainage helps prevent overwatering and ensures healthy root development. It also helps reduce the risk of mould or fungal issues.

What are humidity domes, and should I use them with microgreen trays?
Humidity domes are clear covers that can be placed over microgreen trays. They create a mini-greenhouse effect, trapping moisture and increasing humidity around the microgreens. Using humidity domes can aid in germination and early growth.

Can I reuse microgreen trays, or should I use new ones for each cycle?
Microgreen trays can be reused, provided they are cleaned and sterilized between each growing cycle. Cleaning with a mild bleach solution and thorough rinsing helps prevent contamination. Some growers opt for new trays for added cleanliness.

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