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Bio Diesel Crystal Clear
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Bio Diesel Crystal Clear


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Crystal Clear by Bio Diesel Nutrients is designed specifically for use in coco-coir based substrates. There are multiple ways to utilise this highly recommended organic product.

Use this during your regular weekly flushing regime and when you have a serious salt/ph problem. It will release the ionic bond between locked-up minerals in coco fibre. This helps to clear nutrient pathways and make nutrients mobile again on the next feed.

When used as a final flush, Crystal Clear removes the presence of fertilisers or unwanted chemicals from the finished product. Additionally, the carbohydrates will keep the plant healthy all the way to the end of harvest. This results in cleaner, sweeter and tastier buds!

  • Flush bonded mineral salts from coco pith and fibre fast!
  • Clear nutrient pathways and protect against mineral lockouts!
  • Massive water savings when flushing!
  • Increase terpene and Brix levels at the end of harvest!
  • Remove the taste of fertilisers and chemicals from the finished crop!

Crystal Clear Directions For Use

Regular Weekly Flush

  1. Mix at 5ml per litre (do not adjust PH)
  2. Use a litre of solution per 5 litres of pot size (eg. 10L solution for 50L pot)
  3. Flush instead of last feed for the day
  4. Feed as normal next day

Nutrient Correction

  1. Mix at 5ml per litre (do not adjust PH)
  2. Flush (volume as below)
  3. Do not water until almost dry (12-48 hours)
  4. Flush again (volume as below)
  5. Feed as normal next day
  • 20-30 LITRE POTS = 10L of solution
  • 50 LITRE POTS = 15L of solution
  • 95 LITRE POTS = 30L of Solution

Final Flush (last 7 days)

  1. Mix at 5ml per litre (do not adjust PH)
  2. Water plants every day until the end of harvest.

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Bio Diesel Nutrients

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