Cyco Calibration Solution mS 2.76, 250ML Hydroponic Suppies
Cyco Calibration Solution mS 2.76, 250ML
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Cyco Calibration Solution mS 2.76, 250ML



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Did you know that the electrodes of a conductivity meter can be overtime coated with organic or inorganic impurities that causes inaccuracy in the reading. In Cyco Calibration Solution, Millisiemens (mS), electrical conductance unit is used to measure the total salt concentration (toxic and benefitial) present in the nutrient used in your growth project.

Therefore, since a ‘satisfactory’ reading does not imply a balanced nutrient mixture (or provide information on the level of problematic salts), it is better to discard every 7-14 days. This is particularly necessary when using salty make-up water because such water causes nuisance chemicals to build up rapidly to toxic levels.

  • For Calibration of Conductivity (EC) and TDS Meters
  • Calibrates to 2.76mS/cm or cF 27.6 at 25oC (77oF)
  • Contains Potassium Chloride




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