Cyco Silica
Cyco Silica
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Cyco Silica



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CYCO Silica – Sturdier and More Resilient Plants!

Cyco Silica is an additive used throughout the vegetative and flowering periods of plant growth to bolster stem, leaf, and stalk thickness while also alleviating heat stress. This increased strength can lead to better support for heavy buds, reducing the risk of branches breaking under their weight.

This additive contains the cleanest potassium silicate derived silica available today. Silica, along with calcium, plays a fundamental role in building and strengthening plant cell walls. Both silica and calcium are essential elements for the structural integrity of plant cells.

  • 100% soluble source of silica
  • Primary component in formation of cell walls in plants
  • Reducing heat stress by preventing plant transpiration
  • Builds strong stems, stalks and thick leaves
  • Contains monosilicic acid, a 100% plant available
  • Aids in development of new vegetation and flowering

Silica benefits cannabis at all growth stages. Start in seedling/cloning and continue through flowering. Silica strengthens plants and roots, supports bud weight, and boosts nutrient uptake. You can apply it as a foliar spray too. Use it in hydroponics or soil setups. Follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions to avoid overuse.

Available in 1, 5, 20 litres.

Soluble Potash (K2O)………………………..3%

Derived From:
Potassium Silicate (Si), also contains non-plant food

3% Silicon (Si) (Derived from Potassium Silicate)



Cyco Platinum Series is Australia's most successful hydroponic nutrient brand in addition to having the most complete range. It has a huge market share worldwide, notably in the US and Canada. It is popular not only in retail stores but is also used in countless medical and commercial grows. That's the reason Cyco has grown from humble beginnings in Adelaide to become a global industry leader! Couple your Cyco nutrients and medium and grow like a professional! Take advantage of years of research and development by following the easy-to-use chart. Don't fly by the seat of your pants and waste time and money!

Feed Chart

Nutrient Calculator

Usage Directions

  • Add solution 1-2 ml per litre in nutrient tank.
  • Test PH and TDS (adjust to normal levels if needed).