Cyco Ryzofuel
Cyco Ryzofuel
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Cyco Ryzofuel



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CYCO Ryzofuel – Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Plants and Seedlings!

Cyco Ryzofuel a leading root stimulant. This product works great on both plants and seedlings and can be used indoors and outdoors. The goal of Cyco Ryzofuel is to rapidly accelerate new root growth to get your plants started off on the right foot.

Simply add this Ryzofuel to any fertilizer program that you already have implemented and watch the results. You will see greener and more vigorous plant growth, more flower sites with advanced growth, and an increase in flowers, fruits, and overall biomass. You can also use this product in a foliar spray to help suffering plants, newly transplanted plants or any other plants may benefit from.

  • Contains pure kelp, an ingredient for plant stimulation
  • High in natural hormones
  • Supports Root Growth Throughout The Cycle
  • Enzymatically processed, and maintains 50+ trace minerals

Available in 1, 5, 20 litres.

Soluble Potash (K2O)……………………………0.2%

Derived From:



Cyco Platinum Series is Australia's most successful hydroponic nutrient brand in addition to having the most complete range. It has a huge market share worldwide, notably in the US and Canada. It is popular not only in retail stores but is also used in countless medical and commercial grows. That's the reason Cyco has grown from humble beginnings in Adelaide to become a global industry leader! Couple your Cyco nutrients and medium and grow like a professional! Take advantage of years of research and development by following the easy-to-use chart. Don't fly by the seat of your pants and waste time and money!

Feed Chart

Nutrient Calculator

Usage Directions

Indoor & Outdoor Plants
For vigorous plant growth add to nutrient feed schedule, by drenching or irrigating 1:1000 (0.5ml / 1ltr)

Fruiting & Flowering
Supports development of flowers, fruit, leaves and biomass, add to fertilizer program (0.5ml / 1ltr).

Bare Root
Soak root stock on trees. Shrubs, flowering plants and natives for 15-30 minutes before planting 1:250 (2ml / 1ltr)

Stress Relief
Revive or help suffering potted plants, transplants, ornamentals, flowers, shrubs, natives, trees, seedlings and cuttings, apply by drenching/dipping, irrigating. Continually or foliar spraying until healthy 1:250 (2ml / 1ltr)


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