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Hellion Variable Spectrum III LED Grow Lights
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Hellion Variable Spectrum III LED Grow Lights



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Hellion Variable Spectrum III LED

Ready to mix it up?

Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 multi-channel LED brings higher system efficiency along with spectrum and intensity control throughout the plant lifecycle.

With three cutting-edge, high intensity LED fixtures (250W, 510W, 700W), the Adjust-A-Wings brand utilises decades of lighting experience in the production of these highly innovative LED grow lights.

VS3 LED Multi-Driver Control and Efficiency

  • Dedicated drivers for veg, bloom and UV unlock new levels of efficiency, performance and spectral control.
  • Top of their class in both performance (PPF/BPF) and efficiency (PPE/BPE).
  • Adjustable spectrum and intensity across three channels (veg, bloom, UV).
  • FIVE premium brand diodes: Samsung LM301h 3k + 5k, Osram 660nm Red, Osram 730nm Far-Red, Seoul 395 UV (all 50,000 hour rated).
  • Extended Full Spectrum 360-780nm PAR with UV-A/Near-Blue and Far-Red/IR.
  • Even Footprint! Micro-reflector controlled light distribution for more intensity, deeper penetration and even coverage.
  • Compatible with Hellion LED Master Controller and Hellion Easy Controller.
  • Easy assembly: Light-bars click in and clip out, no need to connect multiple cables!
  • Compact, transport-safe packaging.
  • 3 Year Warranty.

Dialing in the Perfect Spectrum with Variable Spectrum LED

All Hellion VS3 LEDs are equipped with 3 independent channels (VEG, BLOOM, US) for spectral diversity and control. The VEG channel is full-spectrum, rich in Blue. BLOOM is also full-spectrum, rich in Red and Far-Red. UV provides UVA and Near-Blue for a fine finish! Find your favourite mix or try our suggestions!

TAKE SPECTRAL QUALITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL… Control stretch, boost terpenes, enhance flavours!

Hellion Variable Spectrum III LED Grow Lights for Cannabis




How many drivers does Hellion Variable Spectrum III LED offer?
The Hellion Variable Spectrum III LED combines 3 separate drivers (Veg, Bloom, UV) compared to other LED fixtures which rely on one single driver to run everything. Alternatively, you may add use a Hellion Master Controller.

How many Hellion LED Grow Lights are there?
250w 4-Bar (output 2.5umol/W, suits a 75 x 75cm area)
510w 6-Bar (ouput 2.6 umol/W, suits a 1.0 x 1.0m area)
700w 8-Bar (ouput 2.6 umol/W, suits a 1.2 x 1.2m area)

What are the best settings for mid-flower?
We recommend grow and bloom channels at, or near, maximum with UV at 50%.

How do I maximize essential oils and terpenes during ripening?
We recommend maximum levels of UV and bloom with grow on 75 – 100% combined with reduced air temperatures (25 °C or less).

What is the ideal air temperature for a grow room using Hellion Grow Lights?
During vegetative, transition and early flowering phases, we generally recommend that growers run a slightly warmed grow room. Aim for 27 to 29 °C daytime air temperature, and 23 to 25 °C at night. 

Should I wear sunglasses when working with Hellion Grow Lights?
Yes, always wear UV-resistant sunglasses. We also recommend temporarily dimming the Hellion Variable Spectrum III LED (especially the UV channel) when working in close proximity to the lights.

Does the size of Hellion LED Grow Lights affect the photosynthesis?
No. Regardless of the size you choose, all ranges benefit from the same features and beneficial light produced in the UVA and far red regions.

How far should the Hellion LED Grow Lights be from my plants?
We always recommend 45-65 cm distance. Use the dimmers to control intensity, rather than hanging height, this will save on energy costs and maximise system efficiency.

What are the best settings for seedlings and newly rooted cuttings?
Start with the grow and UV-A channels on 30 – 50% with the bloom channel off completely. Keep the lights at 65 cm distance. Aim for an average PPFD of 150 – 300 μmol/m2/sec. Gradually increase the veg channel as plants develop.

Why is Hellion Variable Spectrum III LED better?
What sets this grow lights apart is the insane level of photomorphogenic independent control for your white, red and UV diodes. It allows you to set a perfect spectrum at different grow stage.



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