HY-GEN Coco Grow AB 1L
HY-GEN Coco Grow AB 1L
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HY-GEN Coco Grow AB 1L



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HY-GEN COCO GROW AB 1L – a nutrient specifically formulated for the vegetative stage in cocopeat cultivation. This carefully balanced formula optimizes the ratios of major and minor elements to maximize their availability for your plants.

It features a natural kelp extract that conditions the cocopeat and promotes a healthy root system. Additionally, it includes essential calcium, crucial during the late growth stage to ensure abundant flower production and retention. Insufficient calcium can result in flower abortion before reaching the fruiting stage.

As plants transition from growth to flowering, their nutritional needs change. HY-GEN COCO GROW AB 1L provides easily absorbed nutrients at optimal ratios, facilitating a healthy transition. It contains essential elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements. These components promote rapid stem and leaf growth while maintaining strong cell development and structure.

For the best results, use it alongside HY-GEN COCO BLOOM to achieve an optimal transition. Having growth-specific and flower-specific nutrients is essential for outstanding outcomes.

Remember, it’s a dynamic duo that makes all the difference!



Every batch of finished products is quality tested to ensure that specific standards are met; therefore, every product has a guarantee of consistent quality. HY-GEN® products contain local and globally sourced high-grade quality ingredients. The ingredients include natural organic components that are carefully selected for their plant health promotion and nutrient transport characteristics. Analytical grade reagents are used in all instrument maintenance and care products. All ingredients are regularly screened to ensure that they meet the most stringent criteria. WHY CHOOSE HY-GEN®? When you choose a HY-GEN® product, you're choosing more than just a product. You're choosing peace of mind. We put in the effort to ensure that every product reflects our unwavering integrity, extensive knowledge, and decades of experience. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence and support you need, so you can concentrate on cultivating your beloved plants and become an experienced and skilled gardener.


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