Regulator Part B Bud Fast, Plant Growth Regulator
NF Regulator Part B – Bud Fast 1L
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NF Regulator Part B – Bud Fast 1L



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NF Regulator Part B – Bud Fast 1L – Boost Flowering, Harvest Weight, and Fruiting!

NF Regulator Part B – Bud Fast Nutrient Additive, an essential tool to enhance your plant’s developmental cycle and achieve impressive results in your harvest. Unlock the key benefits of this additive:

  • Boosted flowering and harvest weight: Regulator Part B aids in the developmental cycle, promoting increased flowering and maximizing the weight of your harvest. Experience bountiful yields like never before.

  • High density and uniform flower formation: By using Regulator Part B, you can achieve high-density flower formation with a consistent and uniform structure. This leads to improved fruit setting and delivers a quality outcome in your final product.

  • Accelerated harvest cycle: Harness the power of Regulator Part B to focus your plant on flowering, resulting in a shortened harvest cycle. Enjoy quicker turnaround times and more frequent harvests.

  • Prevention of premature fruit drop: This nutrient additive helps prevent premature fruit drop, ensuring that your plants retain their precious fruits until they reach optimal maturity.

  • Increased resistance and resilience: Regulator Part B enhances your plant’s ability to resist collapse, drought, cold, and alkaline media conditions. It provides added protection and support, leading to healthier and more resilient plants.

  • Maximizing flowering sites: For optimal results, combine Regulator Part B with NF Regulator Part A to maximize your plant’s flowering sites. Together, they work synergistically to unlock the full potential of your crop.

AVPMA Approved PGR!

3 x Concentrated Plant Growth Regulators for Optimal Results!

NF Regulator Part B Directions For Use:

Achieve remarkable outcomes with just 1 ml per liter.

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