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Seahawk Grow Tent


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Entry Level Excellence

Seahawk Grow Tent is our favorite entry-level offering. Historically, this horticultural tent range has been feature-rich and amazing value for money. The 2021 versions are certainly no different. They have been refined and upgraded yet again from customer feedback.

Offering all the features you need, these tents are only missing a few luxuries. The entire range comes standard with 100% light-proof ADF reflective material. This material uses a fine diamond surface structure to diffuse light efficiently and evenly. As a result, it is extremely bright. Anyone who has looked through the included viewing window(s) and been blinded knows this is true!

There are plenty of venting options including multiple intake, exhaust and cool tube openings. The larger sizes allow you to choose which side you want to use. You get two drawstring flanges per opening which as a result provides a lightproof seal. 

The included straps are handy to hang carbon filters and fans from the moveable hanging bars. We don’t find the accessory pouch to be very useful but your mileage may vary. The cherry on top is the separate splash tray(s) that velcro into the inside to control accidental spillages.

They have decent but not amazing construction. The 2021 models come with stronger seams and zips. You get even stitching and clean cut edges on the fabric. We like the frame corners being plastic so they won’t rust.

You have the option of adding hi-flow poles for frame strength and netting anchor points. It will stop the walls of your Seahawk grow tent from sucking in causing you to lose valuable grow space.



Seahawk, distributed by Holland Forge in Australia, has a long-standing presence in the market. Seahawk recognises the feedback of growers, and is the source of inspiration for constant upgrades and improvements.


Are grow tents worth the money?
Most grow tents have a reflective mylar interior coating to boost light levels. This will minimise input costs significantly, so you save money on your bills. Plants need light to give them life, and the more you can give (from every angle), the better and quicker they’ll grow.

What is a hydroponic grow tent, and how does it work?
A hydroponic grow tent is an enclosed space designed for soilless cultivation, where plants receive nutrients through water and grow medium instead of soil.

What are the benefits of using a grow tent for hydroponics?
The benefits of using a grow tent for hydroponics include controlled environmental conditions, efficient space utilization, and the ability to grow plants year-round.

What type of lighting is best for a hydroponic grow tent?
High-intensity discharge (HID) or LED grow lights are commonly used for hydroponic grow tents, with the choice depending on plant type and budget.

How do I set up proper ventilation and air circulation in a grow tent?
Proper ventilation and air circulation in a grow tent can be established using fans, ducting, and carbon filters to maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels.

Can I grow different types of plants in the same grow tent?
Depending on their compatibility, you can grow different types of plants in the same grow tent, provided they have similar light and nutrient requirements.

Is it better to grow in a tent or a room? 
Definitely in grow tents! They are generally more affordable and require much less space and equipment. Plus, grow tents can be equipped with odour control systems to manage strong-smelling plants.

Can I smoke in my grow tent? 
Big no no! Smoking and vaping in the grow (of any kind, but especially tobacco) can be detrimental to your plants, regardless of what you’re growing. Smoking and vaping (or any combusted carcinogens) leaves residuals on your hands, which can be transferred to your plants if you don’t properly wash your hands.



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  1. Kenneth N. (verified owner)

    I am happy with the product, the competitive price and the fast delivery time, thank you Adelaide Organic Hydro

  2. Adam (verified owner)

    Just the right size thanks heaps guys look forward to getting more from you guys

    Image #1 from Adam
  3. Adam (verified owner)

    Perfect just what I needed thanks again guys

  4. Adam (verified owner)

    Love it but next time I should check the area to where I’m gonna place it but other than that works a dream

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