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Beginners Guide:

to Hydroponics 2021

Explore our answers to the most frequently asked questions from beginners about Hydroponics.

Beginners Guide:

to Hydroponics 2021

Explore our answers to the most frequently asked questions from beginners about Hydroponics.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Detox Quick Fix Synthetic Urine - Box Contents

At what temperature should I use Quick Fix®?
Your body temperature is 98 degrees Fahrenheit. The goal is to get as close to body temperature as possible. The temperature strip shows a green dot between 94 and 100 degrees.

I heated the Quick Fix® twice and the temperature strip is still blank. What is wrong?
The product is probably over 100 degrees. If the bottle is hotter than your skin, the product should be cooled. like a cup of coffee. Once the heating pad is in place, remove the pad. Since we don’t know the superheat temperature, we don’t know how long it will take to cool down. If you see blue at the 100 degree mark, the temperature strip is active, immediately followed by a green dot.

What is the best way to keep the Quick Fix® at the correct temperature and keep it there?
After heating in the microwave for 10 seconds, it is recommended to wear a warmer and apply it to your body to keep warm.

Can the Quick Fix® be heated without a microwave?
Yes! Simply attach the hand warmer to the bottle (other side of the temperature strip) at least an hour before using. Always shake the bottle before and after heating and before use.

Can I reheat Quick Fix® several times before using it?
Yes! Unused product can be reheated repeatedly as needed. The expiry date of Quick Fix® is 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Can I mix two different Quick Fix® if one is not enough?
Yes, you can mix two Quick Fixes as long as they are from the same batch. Enter your lot number into our lot validator to ensure your product is valid and performing at its best.

Do I need to add anything to the synthetic urine?
No, this can contaminate the product and affect desired results.

IKEA Cabinet Greenhouse DIY Project

Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet

Photo: @robinschoutenart

IKEA Cabinets: Fabrikör and Milsbo

As a plant lover, it goes without saying that you want to provide the best conditions for your plants so that they can thrive and beautify your home. These are some of the reasons why plant enthusiasts choose greenhouse plant cabinets.

Environment Control is the number one reason to use a greenhouse is to create a controlled environment through humidity levels and temperature. If you install a grow light in your greenhouse, you’ll have complete control of the growing conditions in your greenhouse. 

Vertical space! Greenhouse cabinets present a clever and cute way to use vertical space. The taller the cabinet, the better. Because IKEA shelves and cabinets usually come in several sizes, they’re super easy to custom-fit to your available space. keep plants away from pets Protect your pup and your toxic plants by keeping them behind closed (glass) doors. 

Pet Proof! Plants can benefit from the safety of a closed space! 

Instagram @camiplants

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Instagram: @Vinny’s Plant Journal

Cabinet Maintenance

Power Flush Permanent Capsules – Do They Work?

Power Flush Permanent Cleansing Capsules to Pass Drug Test

Power Flush Capsules contains all-natural purifying herbs that the body needs to eliminate toxins, such as dandelion, burdock, trifolium pratense, and yellow dock. The herbs used are certified Kosher & Parve for their high quality and cleanliness. It is a 7 Days Cleansing Process, taken twice a day till the drug test day.

Power Flush Permanent Cleansing Capsules

Box Content: 

  • 14 x 600mg Herbal Capsules (Pack of 7)
  • 2 x 590mg Vitamin B Complex Capsules 
  • 2 x 387mg Creatine Monohydrate Capsules

Instructions for Use

Power Flush Permanent Cleansing Capsules to Pass Drug Test

There have been various positive reviews on the internet about this product. For those with high THC toxins levels, we would recommend taking Power Flush Permanent Capsules 7 days before the test and B-Clear Detox Drink an hour before the test. 

In order for Power Flush to work its best, you must follow the instructions accurately and it is crucial to cease smoking immediately and refrain from taking any other substances till after the drug test. Power Flush Permanent Capsules

Drinking plenty of water is another key factor that influences the success rate of this product. Do not worry about having diluted urine, because the creatine monohydrate capsules will bring the urine creatinine levels back to normal range and vitamin b-complex capsules have the tendency to turn urine into yellow color. 

** Note: Chemists do not sell them. 

HAILEA! The Best Water Chiller for Hydroponic System in 2022

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The hydroponic nutrient solution…

One of the common problems hydroponic growers face is the high temperature of the nutrient solution. Using a water chiller is the most efficient choice when it comes to bringing the nutrient solution’s temperature down. Commercial chillers are now more affordable for indoor growers and hobbyists.

How does a Water Chiller work?

Traditionally, water chillers are used to stabilize water temperature for fish but today chillers are very popular in hydroponic farming. The most common water chiller for hydroponics is a refrigeration unit that works with a water pump located inside the reservoir.

The pump sends the nutrient solution through tubing to the unit, where the liquid is chilled by cooling coils before being recirculated back into the reservoir.

Why do you need a Water Chiller?

Growing Cannabis

When it comes to growing cannabis, hydroponics is an attractive option for growing high-quality buds. Additionally, utilizing hydroponics water chillers in cannabis production allows them to grow fast and healthy.

A hydroponic system will require at least one chiller or cooling tower to cool the water in the chilling loop. The same system will depend on a heater to elevate the temperature of the water in the heating loop. Think of cannabis (which may actually be industrial-grade hemp or marijuana) as a specialty product that demands tight control of the facility’s temperature and humidity.

Even when two or more rooms in a growing facility have separate ventilation systems, they may share the same cooling system. Each room must be air-tight because leaks could permit the growth of mold. The same leaks can also lead to energy wastage, which defeats the purpose of using the controlled environment instead of an outdoor setting.

Aquarium Water Chillers

Chillers are designed to decrease the temperature while preventing water that is being cooled, from coming in contact with any corrosive materials. All units come with temperature controllers that measure your aquarium’s temperature and adjust it to the desired point.

Chiller units used for cooling aquarium water need to be placed in an area that allows sufficient ventilation and placed slightly away from the aquarium that you are cooling or your chiller may heat the water you want to cool as the unit expels heat.

There are two different styles of water chillers. Drop-in chillers have a cooling coil that is placed right in the sump without the need for additional plumbing. The second type of chiller is in-line chillers. As the name implies, these chillers are plumbed in line with your main filtration system. When properly matched with the right water pump, in-line water chillers boast flexible installation options allowing you to place the unit in a location away from the tank to help dissipate the heat that is generated.

Why Hailea is the best Water Chiller out there?

Hailea Group Co.Ltd has been manufacturing various water pumps and filtration systems since 1989 with an ISO9001:2000 status, and UL, CE, GS certificated. Hailea water chiller is certainly one of the top popular brands in Australia, used by aquarium and hydroponic hobbyists.

Which Hailea model is suitable for your tank?

Hailea Water Chiller Series (1)

We would recommend the HC-130A that is perfect for 300L reservoirs and HC100A for up to 220L reservoirs.


The benefits of a Hailea Water Chillers?

  • Trusted brand with 15 years of proven result.
  • It has a super silent design that significantly lowers noise levels.
  • High-grade pure titanium heat exchanger, suitable for applications in hydroponics, fresh or saltwater aquariums.
  • It is quieter than a similar domestic or foreign refrigerator.
  • ABS opaque thermoplastic chassis. (anti-rust, anti-corrosive, impact, heat, and chemical resistance)
  • Hailea is free from R134a refrigerant, which is safe and eco-friendly.

Installation Methods

Internal parts


Cannabis: Since the nutrients are directly fed into the plant via water, it’s important to keep the water chilled for maximum absorption. Remember, you can only realize higher yields if the conditions for hydroponic are optimal. With a chiller, you can provide your crops with the right temperature for the roots and plants. Remember, keeping the temperatures low without using chillers requires constant vigilance. This is time-consuming, tiresome, and costly. Also, higher temperatures can lead to issues like dilution of the nutrient concentration and shocks. This can negatively affect the growth rate and yield by extension.

Don’t just purchase any water chiller for your hydroponics. Choose one that can give you the service you need. Plus, the unit you purchase should be durable and efficient. Remember, hydroponics is an innovative farming technique that requires a high level of precision.

Aquarium: Temperature control is one of the most critical factors in maintaining your tank’s health. A daily fluctuation of just a couple of degrees is very stressful for the fish and will increase the incidence of disease and death. Take the temperature of your tank at its highest point late in the afternoon with all of the equipment running. That temperature should be the minimum setting on your heater. If the temperature is too high for your fish then add a chiller. Providing quality heating and cooling for your tank is one of the best investments you can make for the overall health of your tank.


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Fungus Gnats: The Most Dreaded Indoor Pest

The Most Common Indoor Pest Is FUNGUS GNATS!

What Are Fungus Gnats?

Fungus Gnat Pest Control

Fungus Gnats or sciarid flies are the bane of most indoor gardeners. The tiny (2mm or less), mosquito-like pests hover in small groups above the soil of your indoor plants.

These adult gnats are annoying and an eyesore but do not cause much harm. On the other hand, it is the larvae in the root zone that cause the most damage to the plant.

Although they primarily feed on fungi and decomposing organic matter, they often eat the tender root system. They target feeder roots and can even bore into the stem.

Left unchecked, these pests can cause all sorts of problems including loss of vigor, yellowing, wilting, and spotting. Often these symptoms are mistaken for a nutrient deficiency or ph problem. In addition, they can carry and transmit diseases and pathogens like pythium.  Cuttings, seedlings, and saplings may even die due to severe infestations.

Where Do They Come From?

They can come into the home through newly purchased plants, potting mix, and organic medium like coco coir.

It is always good to check for little tiny maggot-like larvae in the topsoil of the plant at the nursery before you purchase.

However, it’s not feasible to check every bag of soil or organics like compost or cocopeat. It is even harder to spot the eggs so even with the most diligence, you will probably still get these pesky little buggers.

Fungus GnatsFungus Gnat Life Cycle

Eggs hatch within 3 days, with warm conditions speeding this up. The larval stage lasts around 10 days before it changes into pupae.

Adult fungus gnats emerge 4 days later and live for about a week. During this time, they can lay upwards of 300 eggs.

Due to the short gestation period, these pests can become a major problem in a very short amount of time.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats?

The flying adults are annoying but not too damaging so controlling them is mostly for aesthetics. We recommend sticky traps as a cheap and effective way to do this.

It is much more efficient to target these pests during the larval stage as they spend most of their lives in this form and do the most harm. Thankfully as the larvae live in the topsoil, they are very easy to control and even eradicate.

  1. Fungus gnats thrive in wet and humid conditions. Be careful not overwater and ensure you have adequate drainage.
  2. Isolate infested plants so the pesky gnats don’t spread to other plants.
  3. It is recommended to let the topsoil dry out between waterings.
  4. If you still have fungus gnats then see below for our Top 3 Products to Treat Fungus Gnats:

DE-GNAT All-natural Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Fungus Gnat eggs are always laid in the soil. By adding a 1-3cm solid layer of DE, you are creating a barrier that the gnats have to pass thru once they have hatched. This first dries the insect exoskeleton out then kills them through its extreme abrasive properties. Most importantly, this stops the adults from being able to get back down into the topsoil to lay eggs. This breaks the cycle!


De-Gnat Insect Shield 1L Fungus Gnat Sciarid Fly

CX Tanlin Drops

Our best-selling treatment for fungus gnats. This product is a non-toxic, plant, pet, and human-safe soil drench. Very easy to use, just mix 1 drop per liter of water. Make sure you get good coverage on all the soil. This is good to use every water until the gnats have disappeared and then monthly as maintenance.


Tanlin Drops to treat Gnat Fungus

Scarid 10

We only recommend using this as a last resort for extreme infestations. Mix 30ml per Litre of water and spray on the surface of the soil once a week avoiding contact with plants. Please be careful as this is a rated insecticide.


Sciarid 10 to treat Gnat Fungus and Sciarid Flies


LED Grow Lights. The future is here…

LED Range Hydro Grow LightsWhat are LED Grow Lights?

What is all the fuss about LED grow lights? Put simply, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are horticultural lighting fixtures utilizing LED technology to produce light that grows plants. Considered as the fourth generation of lighting, they emit the widest range of PAR of any light. PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation and is the spectrum of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers that are used in the process of photosynthesis.

The brightness of a light can be measured in PPFD which stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. The original LEDs gave poor light output (PPFD), were available in only a few colours (PAR range). They were also wildly expensive. However, the latest LEDs are extremely bright and are available with an assortment of colors in visible, infrared and ultraviolet spectral ranges.

LED Light Spectrum Grow Light

Why should I use LED Grow Lights?

Firstly, LEDs are king when it comes to energy efficiency and it’s not even close. They are up to 1.8 times more efficient compared to a HPS (1100 μmol/s), with some fixtures pumping out more than 1900 μmol/s whilst drawing less than 700W!

Secondly, they offer much better environmental control. LEDs give off much less radiant heat to impact the growing environment and less incandescent heat to affect the water and food requirements of the plant.

Due to the PAR spectrum, you can expect crops to have significantly higher essential oil production and overall quality. This is in comparison to HID lightings such as High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH).

Last but definitely not least is the cost factor. While they command a high startup cost, LEDs will save you money in the long term due to the high lifespan of around 10 years. No more replacing globes every year!

If you are ready to start your LED light journey, check out our range of LED Grow Lights. We don’t stock every brand because we only stock the best!


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