Canna Aqua Clay Balls 45L
Canna Aqua Clay Balls 45L

Canna Aqua Clay Balls 45L


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Canna Aqua Clay Balls 45L – Ideal Growing Medium!

Canna Aqua Clay Balls 45L is the ultimate choice for optimal root development and efficient nutrient absorption. It is an ideal growing medium that promotes healthy plant growth and exceptional yields.

The porous structure of the clay balls ensures excellent drainage, preventing overwatering and maintaining proper oxygen levels around the roots. This enables plants to thrive and develop a robust root system.

  • Premium quality clay pebbles designed for hydroponic gardening
  • Promotes optimal root development and efficient nutrient absorption
  • Lightweight and uniform composition for easy handling and distribution
  • Excellent drainage capabilities to prevent overwatering and maintain oxygen levels
  • pH-neutral and inert, ensuring no impact on nutrient solution composition or pH balance
  • Reusable and long-lasting, reducing waste and saving money
  • Made in Holland for superior quality and performance

Elevate your hydroponic gardening with this clay balls! Provide your plants with the ideal growing medium for robust growth and impressive yields. Order your 45L bag today and experience the difference!

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CANNA, renowned for its expertise in Dutch cultivation, encourages you to adopt a cultivation method focused on passion, unwavering love for plants, and attaining extraordinary outcomes with unparalleled simplicity. Years of dedicated research and experience have led to the creation of top-tier plant fertilizers, substrates, and invaluable knowledge. The products provided are characterized by their superior quality, user-friendly nature, and ability to produce consistent results, guaranteeing effortless cultivation of exceptional hydroponic plants.


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