Cultiv8 Heat Mat
Cultiv8 Heat Mat
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Cultiv8 Heat Mat



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Cultiv8 Heat Mat for hydroponics is a must-have accessory for optimizing the growth and germination of your plants. This high-quality heat mat provides consistent and gentle warmth to the root zone, creating the ideal conditions for seedlings, cuttings, and young plants.

Designed specifically for hydroponic systems, the Cultiv8 Heat Mat helps promote faster and healthier root development. Maintaining a consistent temperature range, it encourages root growth and nutrient absorption, leading to stronger and more vigorous plants.

The heat mat is available in various sizes to accommodate different tray or container dimensions. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable investment for your hydroponic setup.

With its easy-to-use design, the Cultiv8 Heat Mat is a convenient addition to your indoor garden. Simply place it under your trays or pots and connect it to a power source. The mat evenly distributes heat, eliminating the need for manual temperature monitoring or adjustment.

  • Small – 388 x 282mm (18w)
  • Medium – 550 x 280mm (25w)
  • Large – 644 x 350mm (35w)



Cultiv8 is a trusted brand in hydroponics and indoor gardening. Known for its quality and innovation, Cultiv8 offers a wide range of reliable products to meet the needs of all growers. From nutrients to lighting and environmental control, Cultiv8 provides comprehensive solutions for successful cultivation. Trust Cultiv8 to support your indoor gardening journey with top-notch products and exceptional customer service.


What is cannabis cloning, and why use a heat mat for the process?
Cannabis cloning is the practice of taking a cutting (or “clone”) from a mature cannabis plant to grow a genetically identical offspring. A heat mat is used to create a warm and stable environment for the clones, promoting rapid root development and ensuring a higher success rate during the cloning process.

What temperature should I set my heat mat to for cannabis cloning?
The optimal temperature for cannabis cloning using a heat mat is typically between 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 27°C). This temperature range encourages root growth and minimizes stress on the clones, helping them establish healthy root systems.

Can I use a regular heat mat, or do I need a specialized one for cannabis cloning?
While a regular heat mat may work, it’s advisable to use a specialized propagation heat mat designed for horticultural purposes. These mats are often waterproof, have precise temperature controls, and are specifically tailored to the needs of plant propagation.

How long should I keep the heat mat on for cannabis clones?
The duration of heat mat use for cannabis clones depends on various factors, including the clone’s size and health, environmental conditions, and the rooting medium. In general, it’s recommended to keep the heat mat on 24 hours a day until the clones have developed healthy roots, which typically takes 7 to 14 days.

Are there any risks associated with using a heat mat for cannabis cloning?
While heat mats can be highly beneficial, there are some risks to consider. If the heat mat is not properly regulated or maintained, it can lead to overheating, which can stress or damage the clones. It’s essential to monitor the temperature closely and use a thermostat to prevent excessive heat.

Can I use a heat mat for other stages of cannabis cultivation, such as seed germination or vegetative growth?
Yes, you can use a heat mat for various stages of cannabis cultivation. In addition to cloning, heat mats can be beneficial for seed germination and providing warmth during the vegetative growth phase. However, the temperature settings and duration may vary depending on the specific growth stage and requirements of your cannabis plants.

When cloning cannabis using a heat mat, it’s essential to maintain a sterile environment, use clean equipment, and follow best practices to prevent the introduction of pests or diseases to your clones. Additionally, ensure you provide adequate humidity and lighting to support healthy clone development.


What is a heat mat, and why should I use one for growing microgreens?
A heat mat is a specialized heating device designed to provide a consistent and controlled temperature to the base of your microgreen trays or containers. Using a heat mat can help improve germination rates, accelerate growth, and promote healthier microgreens by ensuring that the seeds have optimal warmth, especially in cooler environments.

What temperature should I set my heat mat to for microgreen cultivation?
The ideal temperature for your heat mat depends on the type of microgreens you’re growing. In general, microgreens benefit from temperatures between 70°F to 75°F (21°C to 24°C) for germination and early growth. However, some varieties may have specific temperature preferences, so it’s a good practice to check the requirements for your chosen microgreen type.

Do I need a thermostat with my heat mat?
While some heat mats come with built-in thermostats, it’s highly recommended to use a separate thermostat with your heat mat. A thermostat allows you to precisely control and maintain the desired temperature, ensuring that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold, which can be detrimental to your microgreens.

Can I use a heat mat for all types of microgreens?
Yes, you can use a heat mat for most microgreens, as it can enhance the germination and early growth stages. However, some microgreens may not require additional heat, especially if you’re growing them in a warm environment. Always refer to specific growing guidelines for each microgreen variety to determine if a heat mat is necessary.

How do I use a heat mat for microgreens effectively?
To use a heat mat effectively, follow these steps:

  • Place the heat mat on a flat, stable surface.
  • Position your microgreen trays or containers on top of the heat mat.
  • Set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature for your microgreens.
  • Monitor the temperature regularly to ensure it remains within the desired range.
  • Adjust the temperature as needed based on the growth stage and variety of microgreens.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using a heat mat for microgreens?
Yes, safety is essential when using heat mats. Here are some precautions:

  • Ensure the heat mat is in good condition, with no visible damage to the cord or mat.
  • Never cover the heat mat with flammable materials or place it on a combustible surface.
  • Avoid water contact with the heat mat and its electrical components.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for proper use and maintenance.
  • Unplug the heat mat when not in use to prevent overheating or accidents.

Remember that using a heat mat is just one aspect of successful microgreen cultivation. Proper watering, lighting, and air circulation are also crucial factors in growing healthy microgreens.


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